Dolls Hazel and her mother for the annual family vacation is a trip to South Africa. They learn tons of cool facts about Dolls Hazel as his favorite horse can get close-up view of some animals, we have plans to go on a safari. Babies Hazel if she wants to stay safe, so you need to be on his best behavior forests, wild and a dangerous place. But a noise in the woods with her precious pet puppy was scared and Baby Hazel quickly chased after him and were lost in the forest itself. The baby Hazel Now you need to light a fire and without the help of her parents, to keep himself out of harms way. Fortunately, a helper from a nearby tribe to help a young boy and his dog Dolls Hazel heard screams, and then find the camp in the woods in order to help return to the index of an elephant. Hazel and her Dolls close attention to this fun baby games for girls with a currently online to help you find your way back into the family!


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